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Understanding the Crusades out of a keen Islamic direction

Understanding the Crusades out of a keen Islamic direction

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What if the Crusades’ background try advised from an Arab angle? Actually, for the 2016 al-Jazeera Television did exactly that. They put-out a several-occurrence documentary into Crusades, as well as the truck put the topic on after the terms:

“On reputation for argument between Eastern and you may Western. The newest mightiest battle between Christianity and Islam; a good holy conflict regarding the title out-of faith. The very first time, the storyline of the Crusades out-of an enthusiastic Arab position.”

It is clear that the makers of your own al-Jazeera documentary wished their people to understand the newest Crusades in general from of a lot periods on carried on conflict anywhere between one or two cultures: East/Islam and you will Western/Christianity.

New al-Jazeera documentary is inspired from the a couple prior to generally saw documentaries: This new Crusades: Crescent and the Cross (History Station, 2005) plus the Crusades (BBC, 2012).