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Cardinal Francis George out-of il spoke More youthful School inside the Provo, Utah

Cardinal Francis George out-of il spoke More youthful School inside the Provo, Utah

The guy turned into the first Catholic cardinal to speak during the Church regarding Second-day Saints college or university, speaking on “Catholics and you may Second-time New orleans saints: People on Defense out-of Spiritual Versatility” as part of the Mormon school’s message board show. The goal of the fresh new talk, naturally, were to high light this new commonality of each spiritual institution’s posture one wedding can only getting ranging from a man and you will a lady — and also to refuse you to definitely gays and you will lesbians possess a straight to get married.

Exactly what hit me is actually just what odd bedfellows Catholics and Mormons make around the dilemma of matrimony. The brand new Church from Goodness Christ away from Latter-date New orleans saints describe by themselves just like the Christians, while they praise Christ, honor this new Bible as one of the instructions which they explore having believe formation, and additionally they even have the phrase Goodness in their name (To find out more, peruse this page regarding the specialized Web site). Perhaps sociologically, Mormons don’t seem much distinct from almost every other Christians. not, theologically he’s very different.

The fresh new gathering in Provo is actually driven from the a different plan, you to grounded on either fear otherwise hatred out-of gay and lesbian someone as well as their need to get married

The fresh Roman Catholic church does not imagine Mormons getting Christians. Brand new Congregation for the D you to stated Mormon baptisms is incorrect Christian baptisms. New declaration is actually authored within the papacy away from John Paul II and you will are closed at the same time-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the modern pope,.

Considering back to the fresh new talk when you look at the Provo, there had been many Mormons and you will Catholics in the attendance, united inside the push to refuse equivalent rights to gays and you may lesbians as a consequence of relationship.