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Foot fetish (podophilia): a base fetishist provides feet intimately

Foot fetish (podophilia): a base fetishist provides feet intimately

Flame play: a variety of border enjoy that involves flame and you can flames. Kinksters are careful with hair, that shed and you can smelling terrible (envision shaving first). Fire/temperature can be compared that have cool/ice. Flame play will likely be hazardous.

Fisting: the fresh work out-of penetration having an entire hand. As opposed to the name implies, your partner is to start by the give upright and you can flash hidden under his fingertips like a good duck costs. Just after the guy inserts their knuckles � the fresh largest element of his hand � he can curl his hands on a fist/ball shape. Fisting requires go out, patience, trust and lots of lube. Discover more right here.

Flogging (flagellation): hitting people having a multiple-tailed unit labeled as a flogger. Dependant on the potency of the move, flogging ranges regarding loving-to harsh impact you to definitely pulls blood. Floggers tails have been in of numerous materials: fur, leather, suede, plastic, silicone polymer, and you will golf ball-chain to name a few.

Dinner gamble: incorporating eating towards intercourse. This might imply having fun with anyone because a dish otherwise table, layer their partner’s muscles having as well as licking it off (think whipped cream or chocolates sauce, you could get creative!).